What's with That Trailing Punctuation Anyway?

Tom Christiansen's What Wrong with sort and How to Fix It (blame me for the title) gathered a lot of necessary attention about the necessity of collation to sort data in various languages.

It also sparked a small discussion about "What in the world does that mean and why would you do that?" regarding a single line of Tom's code:

@sorted_lines = Unicode::Collate::->new->sort(@lines);

In particular, a few people asked "Why would you write Unicode::Collate::?" As with far too many grotty parts of Perl 5, the answer is "To avoid bareword parsing ambiguity."

Ambiguity? Sure. Unicode::Collate is a bareword. Oh, it's clearly a class name, unless it's a function call.

A function call?

Sure. It could be a call to Unicode::Collate(). This is a form of the same problem you get when making a dative (colloquially "indirect object") method call:

# buggy code; do not use
my $object = create Some::Class; # buggy code; do not use

That is to say, the meaning of this code can change depending on what else the Perl 5 parser has seen when it compiles this code.

If you're interested in gory details and you don't mind reading heavily macroized and partially documented accreted C code, look at the S_intuit_method function in Perl 5's toke.c. The comments in that code explain the heuristics for resolving barewords.

Appending the package separator (amusingly '; did you think I wouldn't try it?) makes the class name obviously a class name and not a function call. Ambiguity removed, at the cost of slightly more ugly code.

With that said, the ugliness bothers me such that I never use this syntax even as I admit its advantages. Instead I rely on coding standards to avoid potential ambiguity by using lowercase for method names. So far, I've been fortunate—but I cannot blame someone once burned for avoiding the problem at the parser level.

(A sigil to identify classes could fix this, as would a unique operator to instantiate or look up classes. None of these solutions completely satisfy me.)

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